This may come as a surprise, but prevention of tooth decay, an infectious bacterial disease, should start before your baby’s first tooth has erupted – better still, before your baby is born.

A baby isn’t born with cavity-causing bacteria, so how does an infection develop?

  • As a mother, you can pass bacteria to your baby through a loving gesture such as a kiss.
  • If you haven’t had regular dental care and have tooth decay, your bacteria can take hold in your baby’s mouth even before teeth erupt.

How can you help prevent early tooth decay in your child?

  • Get regular prenatal dental care for yourself.
  • Follow regular good oral health care practices.
  • Make healthy dietary choices for yourself and your baby.
  • Establish a dental home for your baby when you see their first tooth erupt, but no later than their first birthday.

Keep in mind that even small changes can mean great things for your baby when it comes to growing a healthful smile.

Programs for Expectant Parents and Caregivers:

Smile Baby! Born to Be Cavity Free

Smile Baby! Born to Be Cavity Free This thee-part prenatal oral health class is offered to pregnant women in a group setting. The first part of the class covers normal oral health challenges of pregnancy. It also provides medical explanations and dispels myths about oral health while expecting. Part two educates moms-to-be and caregivers about the important relationship between oral health and overall health, offers individual assessment of participants’ oral health status and helps women find a dental care provider. The last part focuses on maintaining good oral health practices for women and their babies, and provides insight on preventing early childhood tooth decay. Please contact us for a class schedule or more information. Classes in Spanish are also available.

Let’s Talk. Healthful Smiles for Women

Let’s Talk. Healthful Smiles for Women

This is the Smile Baby! Born to be Cavity Free program for women who aren’t comfortable in group settings. The one-on-one approach allows women to ask questions and talk about their own dental care experience in a private setting of their choosing – home, coffee shop, library or restaurant. Please contact us for more information or to set up your first meeting

Pre-Teeth Prep School

Pre-Teeth Prep School

A follow up to the two prenatal programs, this gives you a chance to put into practice everything you learned before your baby was born. Parents and caregivers who did not complete a prenatal program are also welcome at Pre-teeth Prep School. The pre-teeth time in an infant’s life is a very important chapter in the fight against tooth decay. You’ll learn how to clean your newborn’s mouth, as well as when and why to do it. Learn in a group setting or at home; just arrange a home visit. Once your baby’s first tooth erupts, it’s time for him or her to have a pediatric dental home. We can help you find the pediatric dental home that is right for your child. Please contact us for more information or to sign up for Pre-teeth Prep School.     

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