Born to be cavity free!

Preparing families to raise cavity-free kids


If you, as a parent or caregiver, understand how kids get cavities it makes it so much easier to prevent them – both for yourself and your kids.

If you are a healthcare provider interested in knowing how you can integrate pregnancy and infant oral health information into your practice, check out our latest collaboration with the Healthy Families Home Visiting Program.

Better pregancy and infant oral health starts here!

Videos and Resources

Start Here!

Want to skip past childhood cavities? Allow us to introduce our video series so you can get started!

Chapter 1:
Dental Caries

What's the whole story? It all starts with Dental Caries, the disease responsible for what we know as tooth decay and cavities.

Chapter 2:
Early Childhood Caries

Is a childhood without cavities just a fairy tale?  Not when you have the facts on how to prevent Early Childhood Caries!

Chapter 3:
Pregnancy Oral Health

How is my oral health connected to my baby? Protecting your teeth and gums will help your baby at the same time.


Chapter 4: Preteeth Infant Oral Health

Video coming soon!

How do I keep my baby's mouth healthy before teeth? Confidently create a healthy smile before the first tooth arrives.


Chapter 5:
The First Tooth!

Video coming soon!

Why brush just one tooth? Support your baby’s developing teeth as you introduce solid foods.


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Pregnancy and Infant Oral Health Education

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