As a mother or mother-to-be, your oral health is important to your baby.

Your oral health has a direct impact on your baby’s oral health. Cavity-causing bacteria can live in your baby’s mouth before teeth erupt.  Learn how to keep your baby’s toothless smile healthy in anticipation of that first tooth.

Oral health is an important part of prenatal health.

How do you protect your unborn baby from tooth decay? Glad you asked!

Pregnancy dental visits are important.

Visiting the dentist is an important and safe part of prenatal care, and we can help you find a dentist if you haven’t been in awhile.

Your baby’s oral health starts at birth.

Cavity causing bacteria can live in your baby’s mouth even before teeth erupt.  Learn how to keep your baby’s toothless smile healthy in anticipation of that first tooth.

Reaching out to the community is important to us.

As an education foundation, we value every opportunity to interact in the community, give presentations, and provide healthful information to parents, caregivers, families, health and dental providers, and community organizations.

Southshore Skipping Stones is an education foundation created to provide pregnant woman and families with vital information on the importance of prenatal oral health and infant oral health.

Our Programs


Smile Baby! Born to Be Cavity Free

Learn how to keep your mouth healthy during pregnancy and why mom’s oral health is so important during pregnancy for your unborn baby.


Healthful Smiles for Women

Virtual one-on-one consultation about prenatal oral health care for those women who have questions and concerns


Preteeth Prep School

Learn how to keep your newborn baby’s mouth healthy from day one with our online infant oral health class.

Are you a dental or medical professional, or are you looking for a presentation for your community group or organization?


Get news on programs, upcoming events, and more!
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